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The Think Farm had the pleasure of designing the new 2012 Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce Member Directory.

It was a pretty well-thought out process, if we do say so ourselves. The Chamber Board and The Farm decided that the directory should not only include photos of our community but also portraits of and quotes from business owners and organization directors. From the person who serves me coffee at my local café to the hardware store owner who advises me on the tools I need to for a home improvement activity to the person at the local cheese store that knows what’s good this season, it’s great to acquaint ourselves with the people who are serving this community. This was a joint effort and labor of love. Thanks to Sarah McGowan, Ann Le and other awesome members of the Chamber who gave us a hand!

It was a pleasure meeting business owners and organization leaders during the first phase of this process and discovering fun and interesting new shops, eateries and other organizations. We shot casual portraits and learned a little something about each of the businesses that participated.

The second phase of this process turned out to be more time consuming than we anticipated but we were really excited with the end product! After cleaning up the initial photographs, they were altered and given a color treatment, then manipulated and drawn over to create an illustration. The three parts to this process are shown below. Thanks to our beautiful models, Billie and Tootie from The Reform School on Sunset Blvd!

Original photo

Clean-up and initial color blocking

Final illustration

Sampling of the final directory

The 2012 Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce Directory is out now. Find it at your favorite local shop!

To see more illustrations, visit our album on Facebook.

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