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Well, if that isn’t an understatement! Things have been humming along around here. In fact, I’m at the WordCamp conference this weekend with Blue Storm Creative, Keller Digital and Nolan Lemos. While I’m bowing at the altar of WordPress, here are some cool things that are currently afloat at The Farm:



Like a lot of the beauties in the City of Angels, The Think Farm in the process of getting a much-needed face lift. Check out the look of the new site, and then check back again in the coming weeks because we will only be adding more great things to it.



For the fourth year in a row, The Think Farm had the privilege of designing the Silver Lake Chamber’s annual member directory. As a result, I get a first-hand view of all the cool businesses and entrepreneurs that make our eclectic neighborhood so unique. It also lead to the campaign design for the second annual Best of Silver Lake Awards. You may have seen the poster up in various establishments around town, from Hyperion Public to Knuckle & Claw to Yolk. I’m going to have to nab a poster for myself before they’re all gone!

2015 BOA

By the way, you can vote now for your favorite local businesses until September 30 at the Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce website.


Choose Connection Cover - v6b

Nothing makes you feel as legitimate as a book … In this case, a book cover. Though The Think Farm has designed album covers, brochures, and booklets, we’ve never been approached to design an actual book cover until now. The author had a very clear idea of what he wanted so it was a pretty simple design process. I got to hold the prototype in my hands and I was tickled and amazed. “It’s like a real book!” I kept saying to myself. The author, David Giuliano, is diving into the world of self-publishing, and I can’t wait to see the book available for purchase online in the near future. Thanks to Get Rauzi! Editorial Services for the opportunity.



My work on the City of Santa Monica’s 2012 Year End Report opened my eyes to the joys of working with local government organizations. Maybe it was beginner’s luck, but I am completely serious when I say this. This year, I had the pleasure of designing the visual branding for the Regional Park and Open Space District of Los Angeles County and am currently working alongside Business Therapy on a brand overhaul for an organization within the Department of Public Health that’s engaged in youth outreach and sexual/relational health education. I’m excited to share more about this later as the project progresses further. Stay tuned!

Happy 2013, everyone! It’s only the second day of the new year but the pressure to get steamrolled by the urgent is already immense! The discipline to stand aside and reflect becomes all the more critical in these moments, I think. The Think Farm is a small operation in many ways but we’ve had the privilege to be a part of some big things last year. We hope for even bigger things to come in 2013 but here is a look back at some of the awesomeness that was 2012.

The Think Farm: 2012 in Review

Renovations on the bathroom at The Farm continue at a snail’s pace but we are getting close to the finish line! More on this particular project later, but I just wanted to give you a quick glimpse of what happened today. This, my friends, is Ikea hacking at its finest. Thanks to client and friend Gary Ferguson of caseandgrain!




One of the things you have to do as a small business — and do a lot — is network. Conjuring up whatever ounce of the gift of gab you possess while balancing business cards and a watered-down cocktail and in your hand has its (unavoidable) time and place, but I find that an effective way to promote your business is to develop relationships with other like-minded entrepreneurs interested in synergistic growth. Enter Leads Club.

I was invited to my first meeting by client Dr. Brandey Dollens and decided the weekly 7:30am breakfast meetings were worth a try. Some three months later, you can find me Thursday mornings at Atwater Crossing Kitchen sipping coffee with my Leads Club posse. Basically, we get to know each other and our respective businesses in order to power partner or refer one another within our various spheres of influences. There is only one person per business category allowed in the group in order to avoid any internal competition. Call us the variety pack. The Los Feliz Leads Club is about reciprocity and community, and it’s a great jolt of fresh air and energy for someone who stares at her computer screen 8 hours a day.

Check out these great people. They know what they’re doing and they’re super nice!


Interested in checking out Leads Club for yourself? Come on down and check us out, sunshine!

Los Feliz Leads Club (Facebook | MeetUp)
Every Thursday, 7:30am
Atwater Crossing Kitchen
3245 Casitas Ave
Los Angeles CA 90039

In this new world of inter-connectedness, you can keep in touch and conduct business with virtually anyone, anywhere. The Think Farm has had the good fortune to work with colleagues and clients in Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Zambia and even the USA. Online voice and video chat are not quite the same as having a face-to-face meeting, and the time difference can be a nuisance at times, but they help us to interact with that added dose of humanity that is so pivotal in our work of assisting clients develop compelling messages to their audiences (and beyond).

Case in point: I became good friends with a talented and aspiring young woman named Laura Zinger nearly 10 years ago and I’ve kept tabs on her burgeoning career ever since. She’s back in her native Chicago now, masterminding 20K Films and 20K Labs, but thanks to an amalgam of phone, text, Facebook, email, Skype, Google Docs, etc., we’ve also been able to collaborate on various projects over the years. A distant second to an in-person conversation is Skype but it’s our favorite mode of communication to date. It helps us to feel connected and get stuff done at the same time. 2 birds. 1 stone. Done and done.

I am headed off to London to meet a brand new person (my good friend Selina’s three-month-old daughter Ananya), drink some tea, look at some art and, oh, yeah, do some work. The Silver Lake hub is going to be pretty quiet for awhile. Janice will be looking after things but she, too, will be embracing the big, blue sky. Her adventures will take her to the BIg Apple but she’ll tell you more about that when she gets there.

It’s funny how I get a strange twinge whenever I go to the airport. The place is filled with interesting-looking people carrying their interesting stories and interesting belongings in uniform boxes on wheels. (Now with all the security hullaballoo, there is the unfortunate addition of stinky feet. I discovered today that teenage boys have the stinkiest of stinky feet. Ew.) Though the trip to London isn’t all about fun and play, it still comes at a pretty opportune time. I think London will be a much-needed respite from the recent craziness at The Farm. We have been blessed to have a bevy of interesting projects as of late but I am realizing that some time is needed to retool some, uh, standards and procedures so that I’m not up at one in the morning on a Saturday incrementally kerning letters and melting my eyeballs. My poor eyes say “no bueno” to such a practice and I agree.

There always seems to be a mountain of things on the to-do list around The Farm. The busyness of everyday pushes said mountain under paperwork, into inconspicuous corners and far into the recesses of my mind. I find, though, that events and guests are great motivators for chipping away at the to-do’s. The idea is that people can experience The Farm at least one step closer to what I envision it ultimately becoming. Recently, Laura and Logan of the Chicago-based production company 20K Films came to visit and I decided that “paint bathroom door” would get checked off the list. I went with something a little unexpected:

The Think Farm's take on public bathroom graffiti

Remember, for a good time design call 323 522 6505.

'Let me fix your necklace.' 'Ha ha, that's hilarious!'

If I ever find myself at a photo shoot, like at the one for Jan Davidson Skin Care with photographer Jess Koehler, it’s behind the scenes.

I love art directing at photo shoots. It’s such a collaborative process and, when done right, you get to spend a hyper-productive day empowering someone to show the twinkle and uniqueness within. Recently, there was a shoot at The Farm and I found myself in front of the camera, of all places. It’s not a place I naturally enjoy but, thanks to the talents of make-up artist Chantal Moore and Sarah McGowan and Jake Rushing of Mac + Cob, I got to be the lucky beneficiary of the magic that happens when people who kick ass at their craft and at loving people come together. Adding to the warm fuzzies and beauty of the day was Steve Melendrez of The Living Room with additional furnishings for the space. He is a lovely human being with immaculate taste, as evidenced by his store.

Sarah and Jake took the photos as part of the Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce member profile project as well as for The Think Farm’s upcoming marketing campaign. Two birds. One stone. Keep an eye out for both things in the coming weeks/months.

Here are some images from my day of glamour. Thanks to Janice for documenting.

If only Chantal could prettify me everyday!

Clearly not used to being fussed over

MAC + COB works super hard.

Product placement

So happy together

My summer intern Janice Kim is phenomenal. She is quick to learn and quick on her feet, eager and enthusiastic, humble and talented. On top of all that, she’s becoming a fast friend. I ask her a few questions.

1. How did you land at The Think Farm?
I picked up a Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce directory at a vintage shop on Sunset while doing some research. The name ‘The Think Farm’ caught my eye and I emailed the contact that day inquiring about internship opportunities.

2. What attracted you to graphic design?
Living and wandering through a city (NYC) that has an obsession for graphics, details and type.   

3. Who/what inspires you as a designer?
Milton Glaser said these inspiring words: “Social commentary is part of the practice, you have access to people’s minds.  You communicate to people that there is a corresponding responsibility of being a good citizen and recognizing that you have the ability to transfer ideas from one to another.  To do things that have some relationship to your community, to your family, to your city, to your country, to the world.”

4. Favorite Silver Lake discovery or go-to?
My go to when I’m alone: Forage and their Blue Bottle Coffee.  

5. Name one thing that most people don’t know about you.
I have a twin sister.

6. Which phrase do you most overuse?
“That’s great!” — the habits I carry from my teaching experiences.  

7. What was the last book you read?
The last good book I read was The Glass Castle.

8. If you could take a trip anywhere for 30 days with money not being a consideration, where would you go and what would you do?
Sydney. I’ve never stepped foot into the Southern Hemisphere and I promised my friend I’d visit her one day. 😉 Then I’d go to Florence, live with a family for a week eating pizza and gelato all day.   

9. What is your biggest challenge in pursuing creativity?
Hesitating to try something new because it may look awful.

10. Where would you like to be 5 years from now?
In a new city doing what I love and fulfilling passions, whatever it may be at that moment. 

Check out Janice’s blog here:

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