Get Your Lardon!

Some time ago, I had the distinct pleasure of creating the branding for a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed husband/wife team now known as Lardon. It was so fun to not only put a face to their clever brand but also to design the wrap for their food truck. I’d spot them while driving around town and, I gotta say, there’s nothing like pointing at a large parked vehicle and exclaiming, “Hey, I designed that!”

Many moons since our initial consultation meeting at LAMILL in Silver Lake, owners Heather and Jerry Crawley are now based in NY and getting ready to take their bacon-tasic enterprise to the next level. In anticipation, Jerry was featured on Conan last night. His segment was full of the usual Conan hilarity and my guess is that he won the hearts and arteries of many new fans across the country! Get in on the Lardon action by signing up on their website now. New things are brewing and you want to be in the know! Fo’ sizzle!

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