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One of the things you have to do as a small business — and do a lot — is network. Conjuring up whatever ounce of the gift of gab you possess while balancing business cards and a watered-down cocktail and in your hand has its (unavoidable) time and place, but I find that an effective way to promote your business is to develop relationships with other like-minded entrepreneurs interested in synergistic growth. Enter Leads Club.

I was invited to my first meeting by client Dr. Brandey Dollens and decided the weekly 7:30am breakfast meetings were worth a try. Some three months later, you can find me Thursday mornings at Atwater Crossing Kitchen sipping coffee with my Leads Club posse. Basically, we get to know each other and our respective businesses in order to power partner or refer one another within our various spheres of influences. There is only one person per business category allowed in the group in order to avoid any internal competition. Call us the variety pack. The Los Feliz Leads Club is about reciprocity and community, and it’s a great jolt of fresh air and energy for someone who stares at her computer screen 8 hours a day.

Check out these great people. They know what they’re doing and they’re super nice!


Interested in checking out Leads Club for yourself? Come on down and check us out, sunshine!

Los Feliz Leads Club (Facebook | MeetUp)
Every Thursday, 7:30am
Atwater Crossing Kitchen
3245 Casitas Ave
Los Angeles CA 90039

In this new world of inter-connectedness, you can keep in touch and conduct business with virtually anyone, anywhere. The Think Farm has had the good fortune to work with colleagues and clients in Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Zambia and even the USA. Online voice and video chat are not quite the same as having a face-to-face meeting, and the time difference can be a nuisance at times, but they help us to interact with that added dose of humanity that is so pivotal in our work of assisting clients develop compelling messages to their audiences (and beyond).

Case in point: I became good friends with a talented and aspiring young woman named Laura Zinger nearly 10 years ago and I’ve kept tabs on her burgeoning career ever since. She’s back in her native Chicago now, masterminding 20K Films and 20K Labs, but thanks to an amalgam of phone, text, Facebook, email, Skype, Google Docs, etc., we’ve also been able to collaborate on various projects over the years. A distant second to an in-person conversation is Skype but it’s our favorite mode of communication to date. It helps us to feel connected and get stuff done at the same time. 2 birds. 1 stone. Done and done.

Till next time, beautiful London Town!

I took a peek this morning at my email while getting ready to hop on a plane in a few hours, and the wonderful and gracious Sarah McGowan of MAC + COB (Creative Services | Business Therapy) has posted this piece on the Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce blog on yours truly. Self-promotion feels funny when it comes to myself as opposed to my business but please do take a look if it strikes your fancy! Oh, you fancy pants, you.

A couple of years ago, I was introduced to this organization called The Blind Project. They created a new sustainable style brand, which promotes the restoration of women exploited from the commercial sex trade in Southeast Asia. Their design challenge was to tell the stories of three women who have been exploited, in a design meant for a t-shirt.

The piece I submitted was selected as one out of the three stories and they decided to print them on t-shirts. The new line opened up and is known as Biographe.  Here, you can read about each woman’s story and their illustrations.  This brand’s goal is to teach each survivor good marketable skills in fashion and employs them in a positive environment.

To raise funds for this cause, The Blind Project held a gallery benefit in New York City and featured our pieces in the show.

The Gallery Benefit in Soho

Many friends showed up and provided so much support, I was honored to be a part of this show and to help further this great cause.

People gathered to listen to issues and real stories of some of these women.

art, friends, and a great cause

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