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Since arriving in London last week, I’ve been busy sitting around at my friend’s place watching TV and snacking (try salt and vinegar potato chips with red wine — it’ll blow your socks off) so I missed this:

I HAVE ventured out of the house. For meals, tea and cake. En route, I came across these:

At the Four Seasons ... Is this stall for the elderly? The handicapped? People with canes?

Four Seasons again, where the wallpaper is more chic than I am

Oh, dear.

Temporary installation at the entrance of the V&A where they have the most delicious meringue with Devonshire cream ...

This can happen to you if you have way too many hangers and time on your hands

A close-up view

When Helen asked me to create a “guest” post for The Think Farm blog I was honored and quickly agreed. I like to agree quickly before anyone really thinks about it and changes their mind … So before Helen gets back from London and realized what she did …

I decided to post the video excerpt from a series I participated in called “Voice, Image, Action: From Business to Brand”. It relates to the (brand) Image part of the presentation. It’s short, about 5 minutes, but will hopefully give some ideas on how to discover the personality of a brand. The most important part is at the end where I (very) briefly mention the “management” of your visual identity. It’s So important and so often the least-followed-through part of the process. Business will spend a huge amount of money and energy getting the visual identity just right (and they should) but then “leave it to chance” for the implementation. I beg anyone who hasn’t done so to create a brand standards manual. It will make your life so much easier.


David Etzen is founder and principal of design studio redbar, directing ink and pixels to communicate ideas. David has over fifteen years of experience in graphic design with a specialty in brand management and design for print production. He has partnered with a broad range of clients that encompass a variety of professions. David has managed projects for clients such as the Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios and PBS (Public Broadcasting System) as well as from-the-ground-up brand management for product and retail clients such as silver lake wine, graze organic, Lark Cake Shop and Ibiza Hair. He served on the board of directors of the Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce for ten years where he was creative director and brand manager. His photography has been seen in LA Design Magazine, C Magazine and numerous publications for the Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce.

A gala, a fashion show, a benefit:  the night was really something in wonderland.  The event coordinators did a wonderful job in weaving together the evening and its affairs.  There were mushrooms on the floor, vintage dresses hanging on several clotheslines, music playing in the background, people dressed in top hats and amusing outfits clinking their glasses of cocktails and wine.

The entrance to the gala at Barnsdall Art Park, truly colorful and bright

Vintage dresses strung along over tables of guests

Silent auction filled with goods and services donated by Silver Lake businesses

During the benefit, I was able to hear from various supporters and patients of the Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic about their experiences and positive benefits from the clinic. I’m glad that The Think Farm could be a part of this outreach and fundraiser for a good cause.

The programs for the entire evening

I am headed off to London to meet a brand new person (my good friend Selina’s three-month-old daughter Ananya), drink some tea, look at some art and, oh, yeah, do some work. The Silver Lake hub is going to be pretty quiet for awhile. Janice will be looking after things but she, too, will be embracing the big, blue sky. Her adventures will take her to the BIg Apple but she’ll tell you more about that when she gets there.

It’s funny how I get a strange twinge whenever I go to the airport. The place is filled with interesting-looking people carrying their interesting stories and interesting belongings in uniform boxes on wheels. (Now with all the security hullaballoo, there is the unfortunate addition of stinky feet. I discovered today that teenage boys have the stinkiest of stinky feet. Ew.) Though the trip to London isn’t all about fun and play, it still comes at a pretty opportune time. I think London will be a much-needed respite from the recent craziness at The Farm. We have been blessed to have a bevy of interesting projects as of late but I am realizing that some time is needed to retool some, uh, standards and procedures so that I’m not up at one in the morning on a Saturday incrementally kerning letters and melting my eyeballs. My poor eyes say “no bueno” to such a practice and I agree.

There always seems to be a mountain of things on the to-do list around The Farm. The busyness of everyday pushes said mountain under paperwork, into inconspicuous corners and far into the recesses of my mind. I find, though, that events and guests are great motivators for chipping away at the to-do’s. The idea is that people can experience The Farm at least one step closer to what I envision it ultimately becoming. Recently, Laura and Logan of the Chicago-based production company 20K Films came to visit and I decided that “paint bathroom door” would get checked off the list. I went with something a little unexpected:

The Think Farm's take on public bathroom graffiti

Remember, for a good time design call 323 522 6505.

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