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I was asked to take a lead on this postcard invite project that came up very last minute.  The Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic plans on hosting a red carpet fashion show fundraiser event in September at Hollywood’s Barnsdall Art Park, a beautiful park with a great view of the city.  The theme of the show was described as whimsical, edgy, and funky.  Because it sounded a lot like Alice in Wonderland, I really considered watching Disney’s version all over again to reacquaint myself to the whimsical and dark mood it portrays.  Fashion designers showcasing their designs in the fashion show were helpful in the process as they sent photos samples of their styles and work.  It gave me a strong sense of what this show would look like.

With various inspirational images, patterns, typefaces, and colors, I saw how each could possibly play with another as it created the theme and mood of the design. Seeing how it was important for everyone to see the information, it was a challenge to organize and emphasize specific lines as many organizations and designers were involved  in this event.  Though challenging, it was great to find a solution to each problem or issue.   After some drafts, the design finally came together!

Take a look at a close-up!

A few days after all the cards were printed, my friend took me to Trails Cafe in Griffith Park and I came across the postcard invite!  As we were waiting to order sandwiches, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something familiar on the bulletin…

What a great feeling to see it posted somewhere in public 🙂

Fashion in Wonderland
Benefitting Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic
September 15, 2011
6pm to 10pm
Tickets: $75

Purchase tickets for this event at

Summer events bring many people together.  The outdoors, food, wine, and many other beautiful things.  In this case it was a bridal shower for a friend who enjoys wine and cheese.  I have always loved browsing through wine bottles and their labels at various wine shops.  It has been said that many customers purchase wine based on its label design.  Inspired to design my first set of labels, I considered ways they might add to the bridal shower.  The theme was very unclear from the beginning so I ran with the idea of the couple’s moments together.

Starting with a Chardonnay from the day they met to a Pinot Noir on their first date and finishing off with a sweet dessert wine for the big proposal, I used each story my friend narrated for me to describe each type of wine.  The names were created based on specific thoughts, feelings, and significant moments they had experienced together as a couple.  Illustrations that used various types of lines depicted certain playful elements of their story.  Even the dates displayed on the label were significant.

See the rest here -> wine labels

After designing the layouts for each wine bottle, I realized that every bottle comes in different sizes.   It was important for me to customize each label to the specific wine bottle that would be used for guests to drink.  Nights of measuring, cutting, taping, and re-sizing allowed me to place each label appropriately on the bottles.  Note to self:  Never use label stickers again.

The day of the shower came and as guests were selecting drinks, many did not notice the labels on the wine bottles (perhaps because most girls at the shower did not drink wine), it was not until someone announced that there were stories to be read on these bottles, guests started walking up to the table to study and read each label.   They were pleasantly surprised and learned new facts to use for the trivia game that started minutes later.

I enjoyed the process of designing these labels.  It was fun illustrating each story and most of all it provided a meaningful display and experience for the viewers at this party.

There’s nothing like new sights and sounds to inspire and reenergize your creativity. A few images I came across during a recent road trip through the Californian coast:

'Let me fix your necklace.' 'Ha ha, that's hilarious!'

If I ever find myself at a photo shoot, like at the one for Jan Davidson Skin Care with photographer Jess Koehler, it’s behind the scenes.

I love art directing at photo shoots. It’s such a collaborative process and, when done right, you get to spend a hyper-productive day empowering someone to show the twinkle and uniqueness within. Recently, there was a shoot at The Farm and I found myself in front of the camera, of all places. It’s not a place I naturally enjoy but, thanks to the talents of make-up artist Chantal Moore and Sarah McGowan and Jake Rushing of Mac + Cob, I got to be the lucky beneficiary of the magic that happens when people who kick ass at their craft and at loving people come together. Adding to the warm fuzzies and beauty of the day was Steve Melendrez of The Living Room with additional furnishings for the space. He is a lovely human being with immaculate taste, as evidenced by his store.

Sarah and Jake took the photos as part of the Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce member profile project as well as for The Think Farm’s upcoming marketing campaign. Two birds. One stone. Keep an eye out for both things in the coming weeks/months.

Here are some images from my day of glamour. Thanks to Janice for documenting.

If only Chantal could prettify me everyday!

Clearly not used to being fussed over

MAC + COB works super hard.

Product placement

So happy together

My summer intern Janice Kim is phenomenal. She is quick to learn and quick on her feet, eager and enthusiastic, humble and talented. On top of all that, she’s becoming a fast friend. I ask her a few questions.

1. How did you land at The Think Farm?
I picked up a Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce directory at a vintage shop on Sunset while doing some research. The name ‘The Think Farm’ caught my eye and I emailed the contact that day inquiring about internship opportunities.

2. What attracted you to graphic design?
Living and wandering through a city (NYC) that has an obsession for graphics, details and type.   

3. Who/what inspires you as a designer?
Milton Glaser said these inspiring words: “Social commentary is part of the practice, you have access to people’s minds.  You communicate to people that there is a corresponding responsibility of being a good citizen and recognizing that you have the ability to transfer ideas from one to another.  To do things that have some relationship to your community, to your family, to your city, to your country, to the world.”

4. Favorite Silver Lake discovery or go-to?
My go to when I’m alone: Forage and their Blue Bottle Coffee.  

5. Name one thing that most people don’t know about you.
I have a twin sister.

6. Which phrase do you most overuse?
“That’s great!” — the habits I carry from my teaching experiences.  

7. What was the last book you read?
The last good book I read was The Glass Castle.

8. If you could take a trip anywhere for 30 days with money not being a consideration, where would you go and what would you do?
Sydney. I’ve never stepped foot into the Southern Hemisphere and I promised my friend I’d visit her one day. 😉 Then I’d go to Florence, live with a family for a week eating pizza and gelato all day.   

9. What is your biggest challenge in pursuing creativity?
Hesitating to try something new because it may look awful.

10. Where would you like to be 5 years from now?
In a new city doing what I love and fulfilling passions, whatever it may be at that moment. 

Check out Janice’s blog here:

Photo by Janice Kim

I can’t believe it but The Think Farm has been in existence for four years now. I started The Think Farm design studio after failing spectacularly with a clothing company and then helping my parents set up a medical supply store (foldable commode, anyone?). I learned a lot from both experiences and I use those lessons on a daily basis with the studio. Oftentimes I feel like a bumbling fool, both as a designer and as a business owner. Still, I’m a bumbling fool with big dreams. This blog will be the space for me to share the hits and misses as I strive to attain my lofty visions as well as bits about happenings and projects that we get ourselves involved in. Come join us here whenever you feel like it. If you want to actually come join us for an afternoon coffee and chat at The Farm, that’s great too! We can talk design and Medicare-reimbursable medical equipment.

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